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Smart Girl Politics (SGP) was founded in 2008 by two stay-at-home moms (I’m one of them!) who wanted more conservative women voices in the media. We were very active in the Tea Party days (in fact, the initial organizing of the Tea Party began on our ancient Ning website) and helped thousands of women — and the men who love us — get active in politics.


It’s a lot of work running an all-volunteer activist group, so we’ve pivoted toward a media-oriented model. Right now, we have our Facebook page, an occasional podcast and our meme-letter right here on Substack.


I’m looking to launch another twice-weekly newsletter at some point in 2023. There’s been a lot of in-fighting and other nonsense happening lately in conservative media, so I’d like to build a news and information newsletter with transparency at its core and respect always given to the reader. More to come!


I’m Teri Christoph, co-founder of SGP. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I also write occasionally at RedState.

Reach out at any time! teri.christoph@gmail.com

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